Esquire Blew A Huge Chance With This Month's Roger Ailes Interview

When I saw that Esquire had profiled Fox News Channel head honcho Roger Ailes in this month’s issue, I was excited.

The interview, though, didn’t come out of the wash right. The writer had an “OMG we’re actually interviewing Ailes!” element flowing through the piece that, oddly, felt amateurish — like the kind of thing you’d expect in a College humour interview with a hot TV star. 

Also, stuff about his weight and physical appearance was out of place and felt catty — is this Esquire, David Granger’s formidable men’s magazine, or is it guest blog post week over on Cosmo‘s web site?

One of Esquire‘s finest journalistic inventions is the interview where only the subject’s answers are published — this way you get to the meat of the man (no pun intended with Ailes here) and it effectively prevents the interviewer from injecting his own ego too much into the piece.

They should have employed that invention in this case.

“What I’ve Learned” or “The Meaning of Life” as Roger Ailes sees it would have been far more useful and actionable to Esquire‘s readers.

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