A Supreme Court Case Starts This Month That Will Change The Election And American History

Justice John RobertsChief Justice John Roberts Jr.

Photo: AP

In just two weeks the Supreme Court will hear the cases against President Obama’s health-care reform.The ruling this summer will change the election and shape American law for the next century.

It’s the most consequential story in politics this year.  

From March 26-28, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the various challenges to–Obamacare. 

The Court is going to face two crucial questions 1) Whether the “individual mandate” that requires all citizens to buy health insurance or pay a fine is Constitutional 2) Whether the individual mandate is so crucial to the law that the entire thing is struck down, or just the mandate. 

The court is considering all the 26 state-level challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into consideration, including a particularly well-argued case against the mandate from Florida, that strikes down the entire health-care reform law

And they are going to hear a record amount of oral argument this month. 

This could be the court’s most controversial case since Roe v. Wade. And it will surely be the most significant case dealing with the Interstate Commerce Clause since the high court struck down parts of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal in the 1930s. 

Just consider what happens if some or all Obamacare is struck down.

This reform is the biggest thing Obama has to boast about from his first term. And there is no hope of quickly passing an alternative through a Republican-controlled House. He’ll be forced to run his campaign against the Supreme Court.  Intentionally or not, the Court will have handed Republicans a huge club with which to beat Obama and the Democratic Senate. 

And if the health-reform law is upheld that will mean that at least one of the most conservative jurists on the court came down on Obama’s side.  It won’t technically make it impossible for a future Republican-dominated government to repeal the health-care law, but it will make it far more difficult politically.

The stakes are as high as can be for the Court. And the rest of us.

We’ll continue feeding you every drip of news that comes out about the case.  

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