HOUSE OF THE DAY: A Santa Monica Home Where You Can Walk On Water Is On Sale For $18.75 Million

former Sam Francis house, $18.75 million in Santa Monica Canyon, Calif.

Photo: Courtesy of Carol Bird-Westside Estate Agency

A 12,400-square-foot home in Santa Monica, which was the former home of painter Sam Francis, has hit the market for $18.75 million.The home has eight bedrooms and an excessive 13 bathrooms.

The true beauty and glory of the home comes with its water features. The property has fountains throughout and effortlessly combines indoor and outdoor living.

But here’s the most amazing feature: the pool actually flows through the kitchen. It’s covered by bullet-proof glass, allowing people to literally walk over water. 

There are two homes on the compound, making the estate perfect for either two families or for someone who wants to use one house for work and one to play.

“The first thing people notice about the estate are the monastery doors,” West Side Estate Agency listing agent Carol Bird said. “You go through these beautiful gates and enter a very zen green with all of these water effects.”

The sound of the water features drown out the noise of the city below.

Christopher Sorensen, the architect, told us that the project took five years to complete.

The kitchen is wide open and has a ton of space to entertain.

The home features a lot of natural stone. We love the ambiance it creates in the bedroom.

The tub looks like you're bathing around natural rocks.

You can hardly tell if you're inside or outside.

The view from above the property is stunning.

The master bedroom has 60 feet of floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

In this outdoor passageway, you have another chance to tread over water.

The wine cellar has a ton of storage.

All of the finishes and artwork were imported from Indonesia and Asia.

The house is just one block from one of the best beaches in southern California.

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