A Stunning 40% Of Financial Advisors Support The Occupy Protests


A poll of investment advisors by InvestmentNews showed surprising levels of support for the Occupy protests (via Josh Brown):

According to the results of an exclusive InvestmentNews online survey of 350 advisers, 58.2% said they disagree with the views expressed by the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Meanwhile, 38.8% of advisers said they agree with the views of the protesters and 3% said they were unfamiliar with Occupy Wall Street.

If 39% of investment advisors support the movement, we imagine support is even higher for the general population.

With that kind of support, it’s clear that a large part of America doesn’t care if the movement “doesn’t have clear policy goals.” They get it and they support it anyway.

More from the survey:

The survey, conducted last week, also found that 46.3% of advisers support tax reform that ultimately would lead to higher taxes on the wealthy, while 43.6% are against it. Additionally, the survey revealed that 41.6% of advisers are in favour of tougher government regulation of banks and Wall Street firms and 45.9% are against it.

Here are a bunch of charts on why the protesters are so angry >

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