A Strange Sighting Of One Of America's Biggest Bombers

In one configuration or another, the B-1 bomber has been around for decades and this picture from Dave Cenciotti’s The Aviationsist shows its not going away anytime soon.

We recently reported the B-1 was undergoing reconfigurations and upgrades, its B-1R variation, and one of The Aviationist’s readers caught this B-1 (fuselage) on the way from Portland to the Boeing flight line in Seattle.

From The Aviationist:

The following impressive picture was taken by Russell Hill in the night between Friday  Sept. 7 and Saturday, when a B-1 bomber fuselage owned by Boeing was being trucked from Portland International Airport to Boeing Field, in Seattle … it’s scheduled to reach Boeing Field by 6.30 a.m. on Sunday.

Russell Hill via The Aviationist

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