A Storm Is Headed For The Blue Mountains, And Could Complicate The Firefighting Effort

Photo: Getty/ Lisa Maree Williams

Rural Fire Service commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons just held a briefing, saying a storm cell is heading towards the Blue Mountains, which will bring strong winds.

“As we speak, we are tracking a fairly active storm cell or some storm activity near Bathurst heading towards the back end of the Blue Mountains.

“It is tracking towards the Blackheath area which is where they are doing that critically important back-burning.

“Already, the winds are problematic enough through the Blue Mountains. We have already experienced 70km/h gusts associated with this storm cell.”

Fitzsimmons said there was around 24 hours until the worst of the weather was expected to reach fire grounds where crews are working to complete back-burning before winds arrive.

“We are tracking some lightning with the storm cell. How much ultimately comes across the back end of the ranges, we will have to wait and see.”

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