A statistical profile of the typical Australian startup

Michael Buholzer/AFP/Getty Images

StartupAUS, Australia’s national advocacy group for startups, has released its fourth annual Crossroads Report, a review of the nation’s startup ecosystem.

Crossroads 2017 was backed up by original research from StartupAUS looking at 47 of the country’s most successful startups.

Here’s a statistical snapshot of what Australia’s most successful young companies look like:

  • 92% of companies are backed by angel or VC investment
  • 86% of businesses are looking to hire international talent within six months
  • 91.3% of startups are claiming the R&D Tax Incentive
  • 29.8 years is the average age of startup founders
  • 57% of startups were founded by immigrants or children of immigrants
  • 15% of startups have at least one female founder
  • 4% of startups have an all-female founding team
  • 57% of all startup founders had at least one previous business
  • 76% of startups have at least one founder with a previous business

The official launch of Crossroads will be held at StartCon 2017 in Sydney on Friday.