A Statistical Guide To The People You'll Meet In New York City

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Photo: Bikoy on flickr

You’ll meet all kinds of people in the Big Apple.We decided to track down some interesting statistics about those 8 million New Yorkers plus 49 million annual tourists.

Just over half take the subway or a bus every morning

Despite being a finance hub, only 3 per cent of locals work in finance or insurance

About the same number cooks pizzas, pours drinks or works other hospitality jobs

One in every hundred people works in the arts

The same goes for real estate

One third has a bachelor's degree hanging on the wall

18.6 per cent live in poverty

All those accents? One in five New Yorkers was born outside the US

Nearly half will speak a second language, other than English

One in five is under 18

And 12.1 per cent are over 65

More than half live in an owner-occupied home

And one in 200 doesn't have a home

Just under half the city is white, and a quarter black

More than one in four are Hispanic, and one in 10 Asian

About 22% are overweight

6 per cent of the people in New York City at any given time are tourists

Based on data from New York's tourist bureau: Last year there were 39 million domestic tourists, who stayed for 3 nights on average, and 10 million international tourists, who stayed 7 days on average, which amounts to 512,000 tourists per day in a city of 8 million.

New York City is a nice place to visit these days, but...

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