Facebook Tests Personal Ads

A user spotted what looks to be a Facebook personal ad, suggesting that as its 2008 revenues trickle in below expectations and its CFO camps out in Dubai looking for more cash, Facebook may have finally decided to capitalise on its youthful users’ hormones.

It’s about time. IAC’s subscriptions-supported Match.com reported $93.5 million revenues in third quarter, but Facebook could do much better.

AllFacebook, which first spotted the personal ad, reports that the New York Times charges personal ad rates of $48 per week, $72 for two weeks and $96 for four weeks. Considering that Facebook-using romance-seekers would be able to target who sees their ads by age, city, interests, employment, college and religion, we feel Facebook could charge more.

Think someone looking for a Greek orthodox Harvard-educated bankruptcy lawyer with a thing for ballet and ice-fishing would pay a premium? We do.

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