Stanley Cup Champ Andrew Shaw Is Auctioning His Facial Stitches For Charity

Chicago Blackhawks center Andrew Shaw’s face was one of the best stories to come out of the most-watched Stanley Cups in years.

In Game 6 of the Cup Finals, Shaw took a wrist shot to the cheek from point-blank range. He went down in a bloody heap, walked to the locker room for some stitches and returned to finish the game.

In the days after his Cup victory, Shaw kept his fans updated on the status of his increasingly swollen face.

Shaw’s face is apparently all better now and the stitches have been removed. Not one to let a good opportunity go to waste, the 22-year-old created a Facebook page to advertise the upcoming auction of his stitches, the proceeds of which will go to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Bidding begins August 15 and will run through the 25th on eBay.

The stitches are not much to look at:

But according to the Facebook site, the stitches will be professionally framed along with an autographed picture of Shaw. We recommend this shot:

Or this one:

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