A staggering 70% of all murdered rapper cases remain unsolved

Notorious B.I.G. graffiti art. Photo: WikiCommons

If you’re a hip-hop artist and are murdered, don’t expect anyone to know who did it.

Not unlike the title of Biggie’s controversial 1995 anthem “Who Shot Ya?”, popular hip-hop publication XXL analysed the deaths of every murdered rapper since the fatal shooting of Bronx DJ and producer Scott La Rock in New York City, August 1987.

In total, there have been 52 homicides involving hip-hop artists since the genre first originated 23 years ago. Of these, 36 (69.2%) remain unsolved murder cases.

That means the success rate for solving rapper homicides is only about 30%.

To put that figure in perspective, in its report XXL noted, “NPR reported this March that the national ‘clearance rate’ for homicides in the United States stands at 64.1 per cent. Those numbers are so far apart they’d almost be laughable if they weren’t so sobering.”

The most infamous unsolved cases are those of Tupac Shakur (died September 1996) and the Notorious B.I.G. (died March 1997). But XXL’s report also examines the untimely deaths of artists such as Jam Master Jay, Freaky Tah, Lil Snupe, Mr. Cee, Kilo-G, Big L and more.

Detroit rapper Dex Osama is the latest rapper to be added to the list of unsolved hip-hop murders. Osama was shot and killed outside a strip club in September this year.

You can read XXL‘s full report on The Current Status Of Every Murdered Rapper’s Case here.

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