A South Korean Fencer Refused To Leave Olympic Arena After Controversial Ruling

Below is the scene right now following the semifinal match between South Korean Shin A Lam and German Britta Heidemann in the Women’s Individual Epee at the Olympics.

Heidemann needed one point for the win as time was running out in the match. And with one second left, the clock froze for several seconds and the German scored the necessary point to advance to the gold medal match.

After several minutes, the judges ruled in favour of Heidemann.

Shin is now refusing to leave the arena as that would be an acceptance of the judges’ ruling. South Korea is currently protesting the decision…

[UPDATE] After several minutes of urging by officials, Shin was finally escorted out of the arena by two officials and in tears (see second image below). It appears that the judges’ ruling will stand and Heidemann has been declared the winner.

[UPDATE] Shin went on to lose the bronze medal match. Heidemann lost the gold medal match.


Fencing Olympics

Photo: NBC Sports


Fencing Olympics

Photo: NBC Sports

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