A sneaker fan just pawned this huge Air Jordan collection so he could buy an apartment in Beijing

Picture: Weibo/Fan News

A Beijing man hopes to lever himself into the city’s pricey property market by pawning off his Nike Air Jordan collection.

He’s handed over 283 pairs of presumably mint condition Air Jordans to a pawn shop which agreed to pay out one million yuan ($205,00) for the collection.

That’s an average of $724 a pair, which might sound unlikely, but it’s not hard to find a page full of Air Jordans selling for between $1000 and $2000 on eBay. A pair carrying Michael Jordan’s signature can sell for more than $6000.

China’s Sina news reports the man has been collecting the shoes since he was 14 – nearly 20 years. The prize in his collection is a pair from 1993 signed by the Chicago Bulls’ “three-peat” championship team.

He plans on using the money to put a downpayment on an apartment in Beijing before he gets married.

He’s got two months to buy his beloved shoes back, which according to staff at the pawn shop, will cost him 1.8 million yuan ($369,200).

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