A small town in Mexico has been transformed into an incredible rainbow mural

Over 209 homes in Pachuca, Mexico, have been painted in bright colours and transformed into an incredible rainbow mural as part of a government initiative to reduce violence.

Street artists in the German Crew have painted what’s claimed to be the country’s largest mural through a project to rehabilitate the Palmitas neighbourhood and bring residents of the local community closer together.

The mural — which took more than two and a half months to complete — spans 20,000 square meters with artists using up to 20,000 litres of paint to create “El Macro Mural Barrio de Palmitas”.

More than just an eye-catcher, violence is said to have decreased dramatically among youth in the district of less than 2,000 following the painting.

Here’s a closer look at the project below.

German Crew painted 209 houses and 22,000 square meters of facade into a single rainbow mural.

The youth organisation has been known to use graffiti as a popular mode of expression.

Photo: Facebook

The project took artists more than two and a half months to complete...

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... but has been a strong tool for cultural and social change for the small town.

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Over 20,000 litres of paint was used for the project alone.

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The initiative has significantly changed the character of the city...

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...reducing crime rates among youths in the district of 1,808 people.

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It now stands in stark contrast to the rest of the neighbourhoods.

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