A simple reminder that it's perfectly normal for Australian PMs to be knifed by their colleagues

You’re not alone. Picture: Getty Images

With the ascension of Malcolm Turnbull to Australia’s PM this week comes the usual chorus of complaints about how he wasn’t the guy most people voted for at the last federal election.

And mutterings about that’s why this country is stuffed, and threats to move overseas, etc etc.

But over at Vagabond Historian, blogger Aisling Blackmore wanted the set the record straight – inspired by this rant from the people’s president, aka Karl Stefanovic:

Steady on.

Blackmore makes the excellent, obvious, but often overlooked point that at federal elections, we vote for the party, not the leader of the country.

“The only people Australians vote for in our Federal elections are their local member in the House of Representatives and their state or territory Senators.”

And just to make sure everyone knows changing the country’s leader outside of elections is not at all unusual, Blackmore provided a handy at-a-glance chart which shows we’ve done it no less than 14 times.

And times we’ve actually elected a leader? 11 – look:

Image: Aisling Blackmore

You can read a lot more about how Australia ditches its leaders at Vagabond Historian.

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