Crazy Video Of Huge Cargo Ship Looking Like It's About To Capsize

A container ship in New Zealand looks like it’s about to topple over. 

It might even split apart, according to the WSJ.

Oil is gushing from the ship, causing a spill that’s going to leave up to 100km of the coastline black for days to come, according to the New Zealand Herald. 

Environment Minister Nick Smith said some 1,300 tons of heavy oil remain on the vessel.

The ship’s master and the second officer, who was in charge of the navigational watch when the 47,230-tonne ship hit the Astrolabe reef, have been arrested, according to the Telegraph.

What’s inside? One man’s life possessions, for one. Gene Rhodes was moving his family out of New Zealand, and their possessions were in one of the containers on that ship. “My life’s in that Rena container,” he tells the New Zealand Herald.

The Guardian has a lot of great pictures >

Watch below:

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