A sharing economy accelerator has launched in Australia

Photo: iStock

A sharing economy accelerator has launched in Australia, backed by some of Australia’s industry leaders.

The Sharing Hub, which aims to foster innovation and work with policy makers to grow the sector, will be led by Mike Rosenbaum, the co-founder of Deals Direct and now the CEO of Spacer.com.au.

Joining him in the venture will be Steve Orenstein, the founder and CEO of Zoom2u, Alexis Soulopoulos, the CEO and co-founder of MadPaws, and Will Davies, the CEO CarNextDoor.

Through the Sharing Hub, startups will be able to access education, mentorship and investment opportunities, as well as provide a space for entrepreneurs to collaborate.

“With the collaborative economy being a relatively new sector in Australia, we are launching a sharing economy accelerator in Sydney where both young and established companies can share knowledge and experience to inspire, invest and promote the growth of this exciting emerging industry,” says Rosenbaum.

“We have already started hosting events to begin building the network and give new and prospective startups the opportunity to connect, meet leaders and seek advice within the industry.”

The launch of the accelerator comes at a time of exponential growth for the sector, with new technologies boosting growth to enable scale and economic impact.

In a recent review of the collaborative economy, Deloitte found that the industry is estimated to be worth around $504 million in NSW alone.

And this is only expected to increase as the uptake and awareness of the collaborative economy in Australia grows.

Image: Deloitte.

“The sharing economy has facilitated the creation of new markets, and economic activity where some previously never existed,” Rosenbaum said.

“It’s opening up a number of interesting possibilities including on-demand access to goods and services, efficient utilisation of unused inventory of assets and increased employment including the rise of micro entrepreneurs.

“This sector has immense potential which is why we’re investing in growing this sector with an accelerator and to show why it’s time to start caring about sharing.”