A Second Polar Vortex Could Hit The East Coast Just In Time For The Super Bowl

Another blast of Arctic air could be hitting the East Coast just in time for the Super Bowl, forecasters are saying.

The end of the month could bring temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below normal, similar to the Polar Vortex that descended on the U.S. earlier this month.

The map to the right is from NOAA’s National Weather Service’s 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook created on Jan. 15.

We can’t be completely sure how cold it will get yet, but AccuWeather notes that “indications are that bitterly cold air will return later in the month courtesy of the polar vortex.”

Ryan Maue, a meteorologist that works with the University of Michigan and Florida State University, wrote that the incoming Arctic air could be “historic.”

He said on Twitter that one of his models says it could be about 20 Fahrenheit in New York City on the day before the Super Bowl:

Eric Holthaus, who writes about the weather for @weathermob and @qz, agrees. He tweeted the NOAA map and notes the “polar vortex” may be returning:

Charlotte weatherman Brad Panovich posted on Google+, saying the “late month surge of arctic air might be stronger than the most recent outbreak so stay tuned.”

Another look on Jan. 17 showed a similar forecast:

Maue also noted on Twitter that Monday, Jan. 20 is going to be quite cold for part of the country as well, so be sure to bundle up for your MLK Jr. Day plans if you are in the Midwest. It looks like the coast will be spared of the worst of the cold on Monday. He included this map:

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