A Scary Vision Of Future Crime And Terrorism [Presentation]


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Veteran police officer and counter terrorism strategist Marc Goodman discussed the future of crime and terrorism in a recent Ted Talk.Goodman warns that “the flip side of the technologies we marvel at” provides criminals and terrorists with unprecedented abilities.

“Frankly, I’m afraid by what I see,” he says.

Goodman’s talk was brought to our attention by BI contributor Bob Adams, who has written a series of posts on future threats.

Criminals already have a tech advantage. During the 2008 Mumbai terrorists attacks, terrorists used mobile phones, blackberries, satellite imagery, satellite phones and night vision goggles.

Mexican cartels have deployed cell phone towers in all 31 states in Mexico that support a national encrypted radio communication system.

3D printing could some day allow criminals to create cheap guns, magazines and accessories.

The future brings flying robots that can be equipped with assault weapons and attack groups of people remotely.

As well as drones packed with explosives can be sent into buildings at 600 mph.

Synthetic biology may allow drug traffickers to take the DNA code of marijuana, poppies or cocoa leaves and put it in yeast to grow drugs.

Technology has allowed the cost to sequence the human genome to plummet, opening the opportunity to create personalised bio-viruses or enhance existing strains.

personalised bio-weapons mean that you can attack specific, important individuals.

Goodman doesn't trust the authorities or systems we have in place to stop futuristic terrorism and crime because the threat is international.

The military is ahead of everyone else when it comes to tech...

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