A scary but beautiful storm engulfed Sydney yesterday, here are the photos

Yesterday beaches on Sydney’s coastline were treated to a hot sunny day, prefect conditions for a swim at the beach, lunch and the park or a trip on the Manly Ferry from the city.

But at around 4pm. This all changed.

A damagerous looking storm cloud begain to sweep over Sydney’s north head region, ready to invade with rain, strong wins and lightning.

Beach goers, tourists started to swarm in the invasion made its way in a matter of minutes.

Here are some photos of the scary but beautiful storm clouds.

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One of the Gnarliest storms I’ve seen. #Sydney #Sydneycity #Manly #perfectstorm #independenceday #twister

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There’s a storm coming #storm #manly #beach #wheresthesun #cloud #black

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Here come the rain #manly #rain

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Prepare your newsfeed, the storms approaching! #storm #stormchaser #manly

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Dam nature, you scary! #thunderstorms #sydney #manly #queenscliff

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Overnight NSW SES crews responded to over 570 jobs across the State, with reports that the Sydney region was the worst hit with 255 incidents.

While there has been no reports of serious accidents or incidents, a house on the North Shore had a tree fall onto its roof.

In some areas the storm brought winds of up to 100km/h and heavy rains and lightning.

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