This Company Wants To Crowdsource The Discovery Of The Missing Malaysian Air Jet

Dato’ Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director general of the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation briefs the media over latest updates on missing Malaysia Airline MH370 on March 10, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Photo: Getty)

DigitalGlobe, a satellite imagery company, is asking the public to scour large swaths of ocean to help search for a Malaysian Airlines jet missing for more than three days.

According to US news network ABC, you can zoom in on the images in an effort to locate any trace of possible wreckage.

If enough users tag a certain area with “pins” an algorithm will alert the company’s imagery experts who can follow up by analysing that location more closely.

“For people who aren’t able to drive a boat through the Pacific Ocean to get to the Malaysian peninsula, or who can’t fly aeroplanes to look there, this is a way that they can contribute and try to help out,” DigitalGlobe’s Luke Barrington told ABC News.

“We’ll say ‘here are our top ten suspicious or interesting locations’,” Barrington said.

“Is it really an aircraft wing that’s been chopped in half or is this some other debris floating on the ocean? We may not be 100 per cent sure, but if this is where I had to go pick a location to go looking for needles in this big haystack, this is where I’d start.”

Around 25,000 who are already registered with the Tomnod crowd-sourcing service received an email notifying them of the project on Tuesday, and there appears to have been so much interest that the website was — at least briefly — offline.

There’s more here at ABC.

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