SAP President Wrote A Song About The HANA Database, And Poked Fun At Larry Ellison In The Lyrics

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We just got an email from a SAP president, Sanjay Poonen, about a funny song he wrote. In it, he praises of SAP’s breakaway-hit, a database product called HANA and disses SAP’s old rival, Oracle.Half-way though (at 3:40), the song throws these jabs at Oracle CEO Larry Ellison:

“HANA’s got Larry’s number. Both day and night. Got Oracle all fussing. Beat them left and right. Got the reps scared running. Leaving us alone. Put them in their right place, y’all. Packing straight to home.”

The video made us laugh for a couple of reasons: the Oracle insults and the fact that we’ve now heard more than one SAP exec talk about HANA as if it was a woman. (They refer to HANA as a “she.”)

Poonen is a SAP president responsible for two of the company’s hottest area’s right now, including HANA and mobile. After writing the lyrics to the tune of a Ray Charles song, Poonen got on stage and perform edit a sales conference the company just held in Las Vegas. He admits he was just lipsynching on the saxophone, not really playing it.

The Oracle/SAP feud is one of the most epic in history. Recently, it includes things like Ellison saying “SAP execs must be on drugs” if they think they can hurt Oracle and a SAP executive replying that Oracle’s product claims “fries my brain.”

But this fight goes back decades. SAP founder Hasso Plattner, an avid sailor like Ellison, once even mooned Ellison’s boat on the high seas.

Here’s the video of the song:

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