Court Kills Search Warrant In Gizmodo-iPhone Case, But Gawker Still Exposed To Charges*

Jason Chen iPhone


Gawker has made a deal in the Gizmodo-iPhone case and is now cooperating with investigators.In exchange, a San Mateo court has withdrawn the search warrant issued in the case.

All of reporter Jason Chen’s property seized in the resulting raid will be returned, but Gawker will hand over the documents on Chen’s computers that the cops want.

Wired says the warrant was withdrawn as part of a deal between Gawker and the prosecutors, with Gawker agreeing to provide some documents from Jason Chen’s computers.  What Gawker may have gotten in this deal (in addition to Chen’s hardware) is the ability not to be deposed by prosecutors.

This presumably still leaves Gawker open to getting charged with a crime.

Read the Wired article here >

Shira Ovide from the WSJ also has a clear explanation >

*UPDATE: In the first version of this post, I jumped to the conclusion that this was a much bigger win for Gawker and Jason Chen than it was. (I didn’t have all the details about the deal).  Apologies…

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