Here's a resume for Marissa Mayer ... would you hire her?

It looks like Marissa Mayer will not be looking for a new job immediately.

The sale of Yahoo’s core assets to Verizon hasn’t put her right out of a job. She has promised to stay on with Yahoo to “see it through to the next chapter,” she says, at least until the $5 billion transaction is completed.

That’s expected to take six to nine months. After that, we don’t know if she’ll find a role at Verizon, stay on to manage the remaining parts of Yahoo (which will basically become a holding company for its stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan), or move onto something new. She may not even know herself. She said once the transaction is complete, she’s “open minded” as to what she’ll do next.

The tech industry expects her to move on. One likely scenario is that she’ll become a VC, or just increase her angel investing and startup advising.

The bigger question is: will another company want her as CEO? She hasn’t proven herself to be a turn-around-to-growth CEO. And some could even argue, she wasn’t even a turn-around-to-sale CEO. This sale came from pressure from an activist investor, rather than Mayer’s own grand strategy.

In order to help her pursue her next thing, resume writing startup has done up a sample resume for her.

There’s no question that Mayer looks good on paper. But if you look closely at this resume, you’ll find a few zingers in there. For instance, it says “acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion and moved the company’s blog there” an acknowledgement that her big bet on Tumblr wasn’t a runaway success.

There’s also a nod to Mayer’s rather famous, over-the-top, perfectionism/micro-management style under “A day of my life.” See where it talks about creating spreadsheets for cupcake recipes?

According to a profile on her in 2008 in San Francisco Magazine, when Mayer decided to bake some cupcakes she went about it like this: She “bought an array of cookbooks to study the cupcake recipes in each, created a spreadsheet for the ingredients, and then tested the recipes before writing her own . . . (She made another spreadsheet for frosting.)”

After looking over her credentials on this resume, would you hire Marissa Mayer?

Sample Marissa Mayer Resumeenhancv.comA resume for Marissa Mayer

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