A Russian Man Accidentally Bought 79 AK-47s for $15


[credit provider=”barjack via Flickr” url=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/barjack/164145875/sizes/m/in/photostream/”]

A Siberian man looking to get his hands on firewood got a bit of a shock when he parted with $15 for some innocent looking wooden crates. Reuters reports that the kindling was not so innocent; it contained 79 Kalashnikov rifles and 253 cartridges. It is believed that the weapons were on their way to a recycling plant to be disposed of, though it is not known how exactly they ended up in the man’s possession.  

According to RIA Novosti the man called the police when he discovered something shaped like a rifle in one of the crates. When authorities arrived and inspected the fire wood 78 additional working rifles were found. 

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin, who is in charge of the country’s defence has said he is investigating into how the rifles managed to go astray.