A ruined Sydney terrace, where a woman's body was found 8 years after she died, is being auctioned for $700,000

Photo: Domain.

A small, derelict house in a trendy inner city suburb, where a woman’s body was found eight years after she died, goes up for auction later this month.

The Victorian terrace in Surry Hills was Natalie Jean Wood’s home. Her skeletal remains lay undiscovered until a month before her 87th birthday in 2011. She was 79 when she collapsed and died in 2003 and no one noticed.

The property, which sits on 75.88 square metres of land, is now on the market with buyers already expressing interest at around $700,000, despite it being “completely uninhabitable”, Domain reports.

“People have been intrigued by it. There have been a couple of people put off [by the history], but that’s not many in the scheme of things,” PRD nationwide Perez Real Estate’s Corrinne Olsen told Domain.

“Lots of people die in their homes, we sell deceased estates all the time… people are quite open-minded.”

The house has two levels with two bedrooms, an external bathroom and laundry and a garden courtyard as well as being in walking distance of Central Station and the CBD. But the years of neglect have left it in a dilapidated state, with part of the ceiling falling away and trees and the bathroom resembling something out of a horror movie.

The only upside is that Surry Hills has seen to a number of successful sales over recent years including a tiny 2.85m wide terrace house which nearly fetched $1 million at auction last year.

Other terrace homes in the neighbourhood have also been sold upwards of $1 million including this 2-bedroom Riley Street terrace which went for $1.09 million and another on Steel Lane for $1.38 million.

The property is up for auction on February 24.

Here’s a look at the home below.

Woods' remains were found in a bedroom floor in 2011 -- eight years after she collapsed and died. She was reportedly diagnosed with a brain tumour but did not receive care before her death. Since then, she has been known as 'the woman Sydney forgot'.

Photo: Domain.

Her sister-in-law inherited the run down house last year. It is now on the market with 'strong competition for the well-positioned terrace' expected after reports by Domain that 'up to 50' other groups were seen inspecting the property.

Photo: Domain.

The price of up to $700,000 is not out of line in the hip suburb of Surry Hills, which currently has a median price of $1.4 million.

Photo: Domain.

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