A-Rod's Ex-Wife Selling Coral Gables Home She Demanded In Divorce

Back when A-Rod’s wife Cynthia filed for divorce this summer, she had very few demands but one of them was that she get to keep the pair’s $12 million Coral Gables house.

Apparently what she really wanted was the chance to sell the pair’s once-happy home for a $2.8 million profit. Frankly we think she would’ve had a better shot asking for more money from her all-star ex-hubby. But nonetheless, if you’d like to live in the home where A-Rod and C-Rod spent the last few loveless days of their marriage, Coldwell Banker has the listing; pictures below. C-Rod is asking for $14.8 million, palpable jealousy not included.

For the sake of her daughters though, we hope her insistence that A-Rod send them to private school was more honest. We’d hate to think she was dumping them off at public school and then using the tuition money to go on a shopping spree.

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