Alex Rodriguez's Doctor Says He's Not Injured

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Officially, Alex Rodriguez is on the disabled list with a Grade I strain of his left quadricep.

But today, Rodriguez’s doctor, Michael Gross, went on Mike Francesa’s radio show and said A-Rod is not injured.

Gross told Francesa:

“I looked at his MRI this morning, he asked me to look at it. I spent about 20 minutes going over it, I looked particularly at his quadricep muscle. To be perfectly honest, I don’t see any sort of injury there.”

So why is A-Rod still on the disabled list? It seems the Yankees are trying to buy time while they wait for word from MLB on Rodriguez’s potential suspension for his ties to Biogenesis, the Miami lab said to have provided performance enhancing drugs to athletes, including recently suspended Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun.

As FOX’s Ken Rosenthal notes, if Rodriguez misses the entire 2013 season and is deemed to be too hurt to ever play again following his suspension, the Yankees would only have to pay as little as 15 per cent of the remaining $114 million in Rodriguez’s deal, with insurance picking up the rest. 

The “mountain of evidence” that led to a 65-game ban for Braun is said to be nothing compared to treasure trove MLB has on Rodriguez. While it’s rumoured that commissioner Bud Selig wants to ban Rodriguez for life, a 100- or 150-game suspension is more likely.

If Rodriguez plays one game of big league ball this year insurance will not cover the majority of Rodriguez’s salary. 

The whole situation has Rodriguez’s supporters crying “conspiracy,” according to ESPN. The Yankees, on the other hand are reportedly looking into whether Rodriguez violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement by seeking a second opinion without notifying the club first. From the ESPN article:

“According to Article XIII, paragraph D of the CBA, ‘a Player shall inform the Club in writing’ before seeking a second medical opinion. A Yankees source said Rodriguez did not inform the team before consulting with Dr. Gross, although it was unclear what recourse, if any, the team would have other than to force Rodriguez to bear any costs incurred in obtaining the second opinion.”

The whole situation is getting ridiculous, and it looks like we’ll just have to wait until Bud Selig makes his decision to see what’s next for A-Rod.

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