A rival of failed startup Buzinga is offering free help for customers and jobs for unemployed staff

Reception desk at Buzinga’s new Melbourne office. (Source: supplied)

A rival has acted quickly to fill the void after Melbourne startup Buzinga shut down.

On Tuesday, news broke that Buzinga was in liquidation, leaving creditors $250,000 out of pocket and customers stranded mid-project. The mobile software development startup had boasted clients such as Bluescope Steel and online shopping site Brauz.

The closure also left 23 employees out of work and uncertain about receiving their remaining entitlements.

Rival mobile digital firm Appscore has stepped in to offer Buzinga customers free support and jobs to former staff.

“It’s never good to see businesses go under, especially when you consider the toll of their staff and clients,” said Appscore co-founder and managing director Alex Louey.

Appscore’s Alex Louey. (Source: supplied)

“We want to help those affected by this situation even though our books are full. Our team are ready to assist anyone who may have questions about their ongoing services or employment.”

Louey added that his business has been going strong for seven years and currently “in a strong phase of growth”.

Customers affected by Buzinga’s liquidation can request a free consultation with Appscore for a diagnosis of their unfinished project and what would be require for completion.

The Melbourne company is also reaching out to former Buzinga staff to potentially offer new positions “where the opportunity is available”.

Appscore was founded in 2007 by Louey and BRW young rich lister Nick Bell. The privately held firm now claims an annual revenue “approaching” $25 million, with operations in seven countries.

Sydney app development agency Super App Bros also told Business Insider after the original story was published that it’s offering the same free consultation service to Buzinga customers.

“We hate seeing startups stranded,” said founder Gus Bruno.

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