A review of the opportunities in global trade and financing in Asia for 2016

‘Global Trade and Financing in Asia’ is brought to you by American Express FX International Payments. With over a century’s experience in corporate FX, today American Express supports the FX needs of over 20,000 businesses, handling payments in over 100 countries and 130 currencies. In its latest customer satisfaction survey, price and ease of making payments were identified as the top reasons Australian businesses chose American Express FX International Payments.

Companies of all sizes—from ten-person law-firms representing clients in foreign countries to manufacturers with thousands of employees importing and exporting container-loads of goods—are awakening to the new opportunities in emerging markets, notably the markets in newly developing South Asian countries.

While nearly all companies have already made inroads to India and China—or plan to do so in the very near future—for many companies the richest opportunities are to be found in the less developed countries in Asia. Countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam are being discovered as the hottest opportunity to source, and sell, goods and services.

One of the greatest catalysts for the opening of these markets? The emergence of corporate FX providers, who make it inexpensive and easy for business to transfer money to and from foreign markets—so they can pay their suppliers in Malaysia, or their clients in Vietnam can pay them—all without the expense and rigmarole of establishing local bank accounts.

Corporate FX providers, such as American Express FXIP, can give your business the tools it needs to start doing business in foreign markets today, so you can benefit from the advantages these emerging markets offer.

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