A restaurant run by George Calombaris is being sued over a 2014 illness outbreak

Chef George Calombaris. Source: Instagram/Gazirestaurant

If bad luck really comes in threes, at least celebrity chef George Calombaris can feel relieved he now has his quota.

A week after the Melbourne Victory’s No. 1 ticket holder was charged with assault following his side’s loss in the soccer grand final, and had to hand over $2.6 million in backpay to 162 of 430 staff at the Melbourne restaurant group, where the MasterChef judge is a director, Fairfax Media has revealed that a Melbourne man is suing Made Establishment and its restaurant Hellenic Republic, following a norovirus outbreak three years ago.

According to Fairfax, a Melbourne man, David Schreuder, has filed a writ in the County Court over the incident on Mothers Day in 2014.

Schreuder is reportedly seeking damages for injuries due to negligence and breach of contract.

The restaurant was closed for a day after 90 of more than 300 people who ate lunch at Hellenic Republic in Kew that day said they fell ill.

Norovirus is a highly infectious virus that causes gastroenteritis. Outbreaks occur on cruise ships and even in some of the world’s best restaurants.

A Victorian Department of Health investigation into Hellenic Republic concluded the most likely cause was an infected staff member.

Made Establish told Fairfax Media it had not yet “been formally advised of any new claim dating back to the May 2014 incident” and Schreuder’s law firm would not comment on the case.

You can read more about it here.

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