A relative of Leon Cooperman tried to blow the whistle on him

A family member of Leon Cooperman tried to blow the whistle on trades that the relative described as “fishy.”

That’s according to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which on Wednesday released charges against Cooperman and $5.5 billion hedge fund Omega Advisors.

The SEC does not identify the relative, but says they are a hedge fund manager. The SEC complaint includes a 2010 email that the person wrote to an Atlas Pipeline executive. Cooperman has been accused of insider trading in Atlas Pipeline.

Here is what the email from the relative said, according to the SEC:

“Can you please call me[?] Been trying to get you last few days[.] [T]here had been some fishy options trades in apl [sic] before this that somebody should investigate. *** I also would like to make sure that the sec [sic] looks into the shady option trades and volume in apl [sic] last 2 weeks or so in front ofthis deal[.] How do I become a whistle blower[?]

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