A Really, Really, Really Long-Term Threat: Africa Is Splitting In Two

East AfricaThis is a map of where the new sea floor may be forming, between the grey dotted lines.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Volcanic eruptions are in the process of splitting Africa in two, according to Der Spiegel.Here’s the breakdown on what’s happening:

  • It all started millions of years ago with the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden
  • It’s now continuing in the Rift Valley, which stretches from Ethiopia to Mozambique
  • This valley has several volcanoes in it, some are erupting, occasionally
  • The line along the rift appears to be turning into a sea floor, which will eventually be full of water.

That’s right, Africa’s on the road to becoming two continents! But it will probably take a million years for this new sea floor area to fill with water.

Still, something to watch for.

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