Wendy's had to launch an investigation after a woman found a razor blade in her daughter's soda cup

Razor bladeAubrey SimondsThe razor blade in question

A mother from Keene, New Hampshire posted a photo on Facebook of a razor blade she says she found in her daughter’s soda at Wendy’s last Friday, sparking investigations.

“I am beside myself, sick to my stomach, shaky, disgusted and so THANKFUL my child didn’t get hurt from this,” Aubrey Simonds wrote on Facebook, accompanied by three photos of the razor blade. “The district manager is starting an investigation so I’m glad they are taking this seriously as things could have been much worse but my poor little girl drank whatever nastiness this is!”

The post now has more than 600 shares on Facebook.

Keene’s acting health director, John L. Rogers, has investigated the complaint, reports the Keene Sentinel.

Apparently, the razor blade was used by a cleaner on Thursday night, and then from the trash to a cup by an employee concerned that it might cut someone taking out the trash. However, before the blade could be properly disposed, the cup was accidentally filled with soda and given to Simonds’ daughter.

The restaurant reportedly also launched an investigation after hearing of the incident, with the franchisee reaching out to the family to offer apologies.

At the point, the Wendy’s location has no plans to close, with management reportedly reviewing the location’s safety policy with employees so similar incidents do not occur in the future.

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