A Mavs Fan Just Got A Tattoo Of Dirk Nowitzki On His Leg

Dirk Tatty

Photo: rwsalsman/Twitter

Rob Salsman is a big Mavericks fan that just got Dirked. Permanently.On the Monday immediately following the Mavs’ NBA Finals victory over the Miami Heat, Salsman posted this picture on Twitter. He decided to get a tattoo of Dirk Nowitzki’s silhouette in front of Dallas’ team colours in a style not unlike the NBA logo.

The Dirk silhouette is actually part of an art project that was put together by Akis Yerocostas of the Sacramento Kings blog Sactown Royalty. Every team has at least one logo.

A big sports fan that decides to get a tattoo of his favourite team’s logo isn’t terribly uncommon. A fan that decides to get a tattoo of his favourite athlete(s) is a bit more uncommon, but not unheard of. There’s at least one person out there who decided to get the helmet of his favourite football team tattooed onto his own skull.  A combination of a logo and an athlete is something that hasn’t been done before, so Salsman is a bit of a pioneer.

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