A Quick Primer On The US Newspaper Collapse

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Earlier this week, we gave you a few staggering factoids on the state of the U.S. newspaper industry.

You know, cheery stuff like how there have been roughly 35,000 newspaper job losses or buyouts since March 2007.

Or how 166 newspapers have either shut down or stopped putting out a print edition since 2008.

Or the fact that the U.S. print sector lost more than 24,500 jobs between September 2008 and September 2009.

Good times.

It’s all from a new report by the World Association of Newspapers and Newspaper Publishers.

The stats seem even more bananas when viewed in the form of colourful charts and maps.

So we put together a little presentation to take you through it all.

Between September 2008 and September 2009, the U.S. print sector lost more than 24,500 jobs, while the broadcast sector eliminated more than 8,300 positions. Journalism job losses peaked at 7,398 in December 2008.

This chart shows a steady decline in newspaper jobs over the past 20 years. (One bright spot: Online news jobs are growing rapidly)

The layoffs for all journalists were really brutal from December 2008-March 2009.

The newspaper newsroom workforce since 1978.

Newspapers jobs appear to be in much worse shape than other areas of the media industry.

166 U.S. newspapers have shut down or stopped putting out a print edition since 2008. Here's what that looks like on a map.

And here's a list....


And even more!

There have been 35,000 job losses or buyouts in the U.S. newspaper industry since March 2007.

Look at the difference between those two years!

The biggest papers have cut the most staff. Not a lot of adding of staff going on....

And if it makes you feel any better, things aren't looking much better across the pond.

And now, to cheer you up....

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