A Quick Look At Markets Since Eurotarp Was Announced

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Michael Schuman at Time.com asks whether it’s safe yet to say that the euro crisis is over. His answer: Yes, markets have rebounded, but the underlying structural issues of the currency remain.

We were curious about the former, the extent of the rebound, so we thought we’d give a quick update of the numbers. Remember, the euro bailout was announced Sunday, May 9, so we’ll go back to the closing values from the previous Friday, May 7.

Here’s what we get:

France’s CAC-40: +8% (3392 — > 3365)
Germany’s DAX:  + 8.7% (5715 –> 6214)
Spain’s IBEX: +17.5% (9046 –> 10630)
Euro: +2% (1.2734 — > 1.30)

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