A Quick Guide To 15 Things That Will Happen In The Near Future

For a moment, at least, the world seems calm.

The violence in Bangkok has settled down, and for now Europe does not look as though it is on the verge of collapse.

So let’s take a look at InTrade.com to get the odds on what’s going to happen next in the worlds of politics, pop culture, and businesses.

Note the way Intrade works: Each contract is based off some kind of a question that can resolve in one of two ways. (E.G. “Will Barack Obama win re-reelection”). If the outcome is affirmative, the contract ends at 100. Otherwise, the contract ends at 0. In the meantime, traders trade the contracts back and forth, and the current price, represents the odds, more or less.

Sen. Arlen Specter has only a 20% chance of winning his primary race today.

Rand Paul, on the other hand, appears to be lock to win his race.

The next Supreme Court Justice (probably Kagan) is likely to be sworn in by Jul 31

It doesn't look like Lloyd Blankfein is going to resign anytime soon.

But it seems very likely Goldman will pay a fine to the SEC before the end of the year

Crystal Bowersox is the slight favourite to win American Idol

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is unlikely to be the next Senator from Florida

The GOP still isn't quite the favourite to win the US House of Representatives come November

Odds of any current Eurozone nation to leave the union has fallen to 17%.

There's only a 5% chance that Twitter announces an IPO by the end of June.

There's just a 5% chance the US experiences any credit rating event by the end of the year.

There's a 10% chance New York defaults by the end of the year.

Odds of a California default are 20%.

California slightly favoured to legalise marijuana by the end of the year

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