A Queensland News Reporter Has Apologised For His Remarks About The Ice Bucket Challenge

Screenshot from WIN News broadcast

A Queensland WIN sports reporter has refused the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, instead encouraging people to “spread the love” by giving blood to the Red Cross, supporting water projects, adopting dogs from the RSPCA and donating money to the Cancer Council.

In a clip that has garnered almost 400,000 YouTube views, Lincoln Humphries nominated “everyone, everywhere who has more than what they need to donate what they can to the people who need it most”.

“That’s what charity is about, not putting yourself through mild discomfort with a bucket of ice and water,” he said.

However, after receiving unpopular feedback in regards to his comments, Humphries apologised on Facebook, saying the segment never went to air and that it was a personal response to an ice bucket challenge.

He said the usage of the WIN Corporation logo, studio and equipment was a gross error of judgement.

Despite his apology, many Twitter users have supported the news reader’s comments.

While the sports journalist did not discount the worthiness of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) cause, he reminded viewers that there were plenty of other campaigns that desperately need support.

Instead of dousing yourself with fresh water and ice, Humphries suggested people could donate to “charities and communities in desperate need of fresh drinking water”.

Humphries said you could adopt a pet if you “have the resources, space and patience” but added “don’t just get one so you can start an Instagram account for it, that also helps no one”.

“Or if you want your charity dollar to help you look fabulous, shop at your local lifeline, Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul op shop.”

The Ice Bucket Challenge has dominated social media and raised more than $US30 million in charitable funds, according to the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association.

Watch the video below.

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