A Public Relations Take On The Billion Dollar Brand of Donald Trump Running For President:

If you’re looking for a master example of branding, and exploiting the art of publicity, look no further than Donald Trump. When one hears Trump, wealth, luxury, and opulence resonate – but I think if he’s not serious about running for President he needs to stop his campaign very soon he may forever damage his brand.


Even with his years of shtick, and “You’re Fired”, people are aware

his bread and butter is real estate, and he’s been able to slap his name on a building and have people assume it’s the highest excellence in living.   While he’s been a genius shilling real estate, Universities and product, he’s sold the good life and luxury – and the campaign he’s running is very divisive and alienates some – as any good politician does, but this campaign runs real risk of alienating many and affecting “The Donald’s” image, reputation and legacy.


Some tricks to his success:


Trump uses his celebrity to build his business brand. If celebrity didn’t help him business-wise he wouldn’t be all over the media but the more he gets himself out there and discusses the extravagant life, the “luxury” lifestyle is associated with his name.  Its great and makes sense to date.

The downside:  If you love Obama, or find his “birther” campaign offensive, will you want to live in his buildings

or associate with his brand ? I think you will see others follow comedian Jerry Seinfeld who cancelled an appearance with Trump’s son because of Donald’s questioning President Obama’s citizenship.


Trump knows EXACTLY who he is, from his high profile marriages to his hair; he makes no apologies.  Its something which resonates with many entrepreneurs – Be yourself, its your business and don’t have to apologise or explain anything.  Its done very well with this confidence and winning.

What happens if residents of his building were to band together and back Obama, and even invite them to visit a “Trump” property ? How will home owners value be impacted for example ?


The Donald” has established himself as an expert in terms of real estate, finance, and general business. Through books and television Trump has been able have to have himself viewed as an expert on all aspects of business.

Will liberals be as apt to have Trump’s business ideas featured in the future ? Will he be able to discuss real estate or luxury without being asked about foreign policy?


Donald Trump to date has been a master at aggressive public relations, and its served him very well.  He’s created interest in everything he does, but this owner of 1 of the 25 largest PR agencies in the US says its time for him to decide if he’s running for President – or much like Jerry Seinfeld you’ll see others shunning him in the very near future.


Ronn Torossian