A Primer On Social Targeting

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Social Targeting is delivering a marketing message to the friends of your customers, right?  Not necessarily.    At Media6Degrees, we’ve invented a new model for audience creation that does something that is not immediately obvious, but is ultimately very intuitive and enormously powerful.  We have built our technology on the social science principle that people with similar interests tend to cluster into groups with shared brand affinities and purchase patterns.  By observing where your customers cluster on the web, we can establish a unique Social Signature for your brand that allows us to identify your best new customer prospects.

Social Targeting is getting currency among major marketers.  Facebook’s tremendous success and the burgeoning activity at LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, Living Social, Foursquare and other social media have convinced most marketers that they need a social strategy, and need to target an audience based on the new intelligence derived from social media.  Media6Degrees takes that concept that the web is increasingly about people and not sites, a place that captures all facets of the personalities of its users, and harnesses it in the most privacy-friendly and scalable way for marketers.

Social Targeting is a technology that allows us to build unique audiences for each of your campaigns by targeting people who cluster with your current customers around the web, serving them a message and then using our conversion feedback loop to continuously refine the audience.

Here’s how it works:

FIRST:  Identify your brand’s Social Signature.  Place pixels on your site and show us a sample of your best customers.  We identify sites where your customers cluster.  Sites with the highest cluster density determine your brand’s Social Signature.

SECOND:  Find your best prospects by identifying other users who closely match your brand’s Social Signature.  We have partnerships with publishers who tell us when your customers’ cookies arrive on their sites.  Users who gather at the same places where your customers cluster are most likely to convert.  Close match = better prospect.

THIRD:  Execute your buy.  Prospects matching your brand’s Social Signature visit sites in the ad exchanges.  We evaluate cookies and score them for their likelihood to convert.  If a cookie has been to the places your customers cluster, the score is high and we show them your ad.

FOURTH:  Track conversion results via our feedback loop.  Refine your Social Signature.  Refresh each user’s score to optimise performance in real-time.

The result?  We are able to find new customers for your clients, with incredible efficiency!

We view Social Targeting as a breakthrough that finally harnesses the real power of digital media, extending audience identification beyond the traditional blunt instruments of demographics, context and intent.  The power of Social Targeting is that it is agnostic to those intermediate measures of audience relevance, and that it can be deployed at scale across brands, sub-brands, and individual offers with equal efficacy.

With Social Targeting, digital media has finally come of age for marketers.–TP

Editor’s Note: Media6Degrees President and CEO Tom Phillips will be a featured presenter at “MESA Presents: The New Marketing maths [Data = Dollars]” on Thursday May 19 in NYC.

This post originally appeared at MESA Global.