A (Legitimately) Pretty Law Student and 9 Other Crazy Legal Stories Of The Week

Adrielle Churchill

It’s that time of the week again!

Here’s a round-up of this week’s strangest/weirdest/wildest stories.

As always, some are serious cases with amusing twists, while others are ridiculous, embarrassing, tragic, fraudulent or just, well, weird. 

All are appearing on the site for the first time — they just seem deserving of a collective, end-of-the-week eyebrow raise. 

Included are a law student beauty queen, information about the night Rip Torn accidentally found himself in a bank with a gun, and a head-smacking trip to Chuck E. Cheese.


We wonder how many lawsuits total have been filed over diet-related supplements. Countless, really.

But there's a number attached to 'Biggest Celebrity' trainer Jillian Michaels' Calorie Control pills; she and the affiliated company, Thin Care, are facing a third lawsuit related to the supplemental pills.

Overall, it's small change -- plaintiff Kathy Hensley, who alleges the pills are made with a 'potentially lethal ingredient' is suing for less than $5,000, according to The New York Daily News.

Michaels said she stands behind her product.

Read the NYDN's full report here.

Just A Bit Of A Baby Mix-Up

A woman is suing the Chicago-area hospital that brought her the wrong baby to breast feed. One of the nurses realised the mix-up mid-feeding, and no one was hurt or became ill.

But Jennifer Spiegel is not pleased with the hospital's alleged negligence, and is asking for at least $30,000 in damages.

Though the patient care technician tearfully apologized, it's 'not enough' said Spiegel's husband.

The Chicago Sun-Times has has the full story here.

Where A Grownup Can Be Injured

We realise Chuck E. Cheese can be a painful experience for adults, but it usually does not turn into a lawsuit.

A woman was visiting one of the game-filled chain's suburban Chicago restaurants when she was struck in the head by an air hockey puck that flew off its table.

She's asking for more than $50,000 from Chuck E. Cheese's parent company, CEC Entertainment.

The Chicago Sun Times has the story here.

Is Drunken Confusion A defence?

Rip Torn was to appear in front of a judge this week on charges related to his being inside a bank with a loaded gun. But the hearing was postponed and his lawyer is hoping the judge will go lenient on Rip, since he did not mean to be in the bank with a gun.

Apparently Rip entered the bank after a long night of drinking, and thought he was actually at his own home. He's currently in rehab.

TMZ has the story here.

Is That A Sausage In Your Pants Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Sometimes a lead just sums up a story so well, it stands on its own. A theft story from Australia's Claims Post:

A MAN hit a snag with police after he stuffed his pants with sausages and a meat pack in an alleged theft at an Innisfail supermarket.

The Claims Post story is here, discovered via Legal Juice.

Lawyer Booted From Biggest Loser

Anyone who is a lawyer knows that it's not exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Melissa Morgan, a solo practitioner in West Texas, was eliminated from The Biggest Loser this week; she had applied four times before to be on the show.

Her husband, Lance, is still at 'The Biggest Loser' ranch. If Morgan keeps losing weight, she does have a shot at the $100,000 prize for biggest 'at home' weight loser.

Tex Parte Blog has more information from their interview with Morgan here.

Pretty Sure That's A Border Patrol No-No

If you are trying to brainstorm something that will really get you in trouble, selling Border Patrol badges from the Craigslist Tijuana Website will probably do it.

What's more surprising is that a retired Border Patrol Agent was the one who did the listing.

The maximum penalty Carl David Pietrantonio faces is six months in jail.

Courthouse News Service has the story here.

My Big Fat Cheating Therapist

This is a wrinkle not often seen in divorce cases. Man seeks therapy when his wife asks for a divorce. Man sees the therapist for eight years, at which point he learned that his shrink had begun dating his ex-wife.

The husband in this scenario, Steven Kay, is suing his former therapist, Dr. Harvey Rosenberg for 'medical negligence' and violating the applicable standard of care.

It's unclear to Kay when exactly his therapist and his estranged wife began dating, but he did say the doctor told him to accept the divorce settlement.

CBS News has the full story here.

Delivering Mail Is A Dangerous Job

It's always unfortunate when one of your careers disturbs your other, more pleasurable night job.

An English 'letter carrier' suffered a deep cut to his finger when a mailbox slammed shut on it. The worst part was the threat the injury caused to his professional darts career.

The letter carrier threatened to seek lost compensation from the homeowner, claiming his finger was cut because the mailbox deviated from the standard. (He apparently only needed three stitches and returned to darting within a few months.)

The homeowner and the letter carrier recently agreed to an approximately $5,000 settlement.

Lowering the Bar has the full, sarcastic report, here.

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