A pregnant woman in Victoria is the second Australian to be diagnosed with Zika virus

A reveller stands beneath a mosquito net, as a satirical costume, during Carnival celebrations in Brazil held despite spite of fears over the Zika virus. Mario Tama/Getty Images

A second pregnant Australian has tested positive to the Zika virus.

The Victorian recently returned home from a country where the virus, linked to a birth defect known as microcephaly which leads to babies being born with undersized heads and brains, is prevalent.

Victoria’s health department “is doing absolutely everything they can to ensure that this woman receives all of the support and the care that she needs during this extremely difficult period,” says state health minister Jill Hennessy.

The first case of a pregnant woman with the Zika virus in Australia was in Queensland.

The woman was diagnosed with the disease in South East Queensland after recently returning from overseas. She did not contract the virus locally.

The disease is spreading rapidly through central and South America, raising concerns about this year’s Rio Olympics in Brazil.

The mosquitoes that spread the infection, Aedes aegypti, are found in northern Queensland.

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