The Amazing Healthcare Reform Presentation From Kaiser Permanente CEO George Halvorsen

Halvorson Healthcare 131

We had a chance to reform healthcare in the US.

We didn’t.

What we did is tweak the way healthcare is funded, meaning all the core problems with the system will remain, though access may now be more equitable.

If we’d truly wanted to fix healthcare the system (not just funding it) we would have had to make a serious effort towards containing costs.

That’s the message from a 2008 presentation from Kaiser Permanente CEO George Halvorsen titled: A Practical Model to Achieve Health Reform.

His presentation is a bit long, and might have been better when delivered in public, but it’s very understandable, and though there’s a lot we find fault with (he’s really into taxing cigarettes, for example), there’s a lot to like.

See here for what healthcare reform could have been >

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