A PR Alphabet For Success In 2011


New year, new goals.

This is the time of year when individually we set those well-intentioned resolutions.

As business-owners, we often set yearly goals for our companies.

If PR is in your plan (it should be), here are some considerations to keep in mind as you work toward increased profits in 2011. Think of it as the ABC’s of an effective PR program.

Arrange materials. Get all marketing and PR collateral in place including a strong website and professional product or company photos. It’s difficult to succeed without laying the proper groundwork.

Be realistic. If you’ve never done PR before, it’s going to take some time to get the results you want. Don’t be afraid to start off small and grow from there. Better to do it right than fast.

Create a Goal. What do you want to accomplish? Identify the goals of your company so it coincides with your PR strategy. Want more local awareness? Focus on news outlets in your market. Need to drive national consumer sales? Target mainstream press outlets across the country. Want to gain retail and distribution channels? Identify industry and trade publications that suit your business.

Determine your message. What makes your company different? Why is your product a necessary solution? Determining a clear and succinct message that best describes what your business is all about. You should be able to effectively explain in one or two clear sentences. Get this language right!

Engage the media. Take your message and materials to the right press. Pitching should include changing the angle depending on the target. If you’re reaching out to a local morning TV program, highlight what you can show them (think visual) and discuss on-set. If you’re reaching a print business reporter, relay your unique entrepreneurial story.

Force Results. Now that you’ve generated coverage for your business, use that exposure to get the most out of it. Share the editorials with your consumer base to add credibility to your business. Show potential investors the media interest in your story. Relay the coverage with pending retail buyers. They’re more likely to want to carry the product if they know you’re active in the news.

Wishing you much success in 2011!

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