A power outage saw 5 million litres of sewage leak into a popular Sydney bay

Richie ‘Vas’ Vaculik wipes out at the Red Bull Cape Fear event in 2014. Photo: Mark Kolbe/ Getty.

Five million litres of sewage leaked into Botany Bay on Friday after a power outage at Cronulla’s waste-water pumping station.

The pollution spewed into the water at Botany Bay and spread as far as Lugarno, roughly 30km away.

Following the malfunction, many have called for Sydney Water to have its licence reviewed, but the water company says the release of sewage was “small” and represented only 0.001% of total water in Botany Bay.

“The wider Botany Bay area is a very large tidal water body. The nature of the tide and dilution is expected to disperse any pollution quickly,” a spokesperson told Fairfax Media.

However, others are concerned about the health risks for swimmers and the local ecosystem.

Near the spill is a popular surfing spot dubbed “Cape Fear”. Red Bull holds an annual competition at the break at Cape Solander in Kamay known for its massive, and dangerous, swell.

The area will now have to be “flushed” with de-chlorinated water and pumped into a tanker truck for proper disposal.

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