Hidden Political Messages At A Chinese Supermarket

Extraordinarily bored, I found myself looking for hidden political messages as a walked down the drinks aisle last night. This is what happens when you read a LOT of news on a daily basis.

This first one is not a new product, but in light of certain current events in the Middle East and Western China, the name jumped out at me. Sounds quite refreshing. I refer to the water, of course.


The second is some sort of new promotion or ad campaign by Yanjing Beer. I suppose the artwork and name here might be a reference to the fun, party-type atmosphere that one feels when imbibing a can of Yanjing. On the other hand, with the prominent red star strategically placed above the word “party,” I figured there was something else going on here. And hey, there’s no reason the Party can’t have its own beer, right?



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