A pilot shot this incredible photo of Sydney's tallest building peeping out from fog

Yesterday morning, one of Sydney’s pea-soup fogs descended on the city. There was traffic chaos, ferry services were cancelled, and visibility was reduced to a matter of tens of metres in the central business district.

But there was a different view for a handful of lucky people looking at the city from above the clouds. A pilot snapped this incredible photo of the Sydney CBD yesterday morning.

It shows the fog cloud had a ceiling just below 300 metres, blanketing practically everything except the tallest building in the city centre, Sydney Tower. At 305 metres, it stands above the clouds, its turret and spire enjoying the morning sun.

Photo: Supplied to Business Insider.


The photo was taken from an altitude of 1500 feet, and the pilot, who asked not to be named, said he “got lucky”, because he “just pointed the camera in the general direction”.

Sydney. Ridiculously good-looking, even when only tiny bits of it are showing.

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