A piece from the business class cabin of MH370 may have been found in Mauritius

A piece from the business class cabin from the missing MH370 flight may have been found in Mauritius.

News Corp says that a couple, who were holidaying in Rodrigues Island, came across a suspected part of the missing plane at a beach in Var-Brûlée on Thursday.

“The Malaysian Government is working with officials from Mauritius to seek to take custody of the debris and arrange for its examination,” said minister for infrastructure and transport Darren Chester.

“This debris is an item of interest however until the debris has been examined by experts it is not possible to ascertain its origin.”

MH370 Independent Group expert Don Thompson has identified the fragment as potentially coming from the bulkhead of the passenger class cabin.

If confirmed, the find in Rodrigues Island, east of Africa, could be a huge turning point for MH370 investigations as the first possible interior fragment found from the missing MAS Boeing 777 plane.

The plane disappeared more than two years ago in March 2014 after departing from Kuala Lumpur with 239 passengers and crew on board.

The latest find comes after two other pieces of debris, including a part of the wing, were found in Mozambique.

In December, South African teenager Liam Lotter came across a metre-long fragment while holidaying in the southern African nation in December. More recently in March this year, another piece was found along the coast of Mozambique by American Blaine Gibson.

They were brought back to Australia for investigation where it was held that they were “almost certainly from MH370”.

The search for the missing aircraft continues with 25,000 square kilometres of the 120,000 square kilometre search zone left to be completed.

Only a piece of the flaperon, found on Reunion Island last year, has been confirmed as coming from MH370.

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