An Australian pub left abandoned for 30 years has been sold for $5 million

A lone chair sits in an empty room. Photo: Brett Patman/Lost Collective.

*This article was originally published on April 12. It has been edited since confirmation that the property has been sold.

Brett Patman is no stranger to abandoned places.

The photographer behind Lost Collective has taken photos of forgotten power stations, farmsteads, shoe factories through to flour mills — many of which have been neglected for decades.

His recent collection of photos taken inside the Terminus Hotel in Sydney, which has been boarded up for 32 years, has gone viral since being released earlier this month.

The heritage-listed building on Harris Street in Pyrmont was built around 1865 and was originally named Coopers Arms Inn.

The blue-collar establishment attracted workers from local sites like the quarry, sugar mill, and power station nearby. But the last time someone set foot inside the pub was in 1984 before it was privately sold and boarded up.

Since then, the hotel has been untouched. Ivy has grown to cover the entire upper part of the building while the beer garden has been so overgrown that it now resembles a rainforest.

Inside, the building is dilapidated but remnants of its history remain including the hand painted advertisements on the wall, hardwood staircase, bar and parlour. Patman’s artistic photos capture a space that was designed to be filled with noise and chatter but has sat in total silence for decades. The result is haunting.

It was listed on the market for $5 million last month with the sale being managed by JLL. It has since been sold to a private developer for $5 million, according to reports by Fairfax.

Here’s a walk-through of the Terminus Hotel below:

The Terminus Hotel has been left abandoned since it closed its doors in 1984.

Behind the bar. Here you can see the red pressed metal ceiling and the entry to cellar on the floor.

Despite being neglected for more than 30 years, the green tiles are still visible on the wall and bar.

The ladies parlour. Females were not allowed in the main bar.

The main bar area was where the bands and entertainers performed.

Hardwood staircase leading up to the guest rooms.

The stairwell starts from the foyer to the upstairs landing.

One of the guest rooms of the hotel.

The main guest room with a fireplace in the corner.

The hallway from the main guest rooms.

The kitchen.

The downstairs toilets.

A common room or guest room that has been vandalised over the years.

The cellar and a few remaining kegs.

The ladies pearloour leading out to the beer garden...

...which has seen better days.

Advertisements painted on the outside of the pub.

It is located on Harris in Pyrmont, Sydney.

The north facade of the building.

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